Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ax Men: Gabe Rygaard is a Bad Actor

I kind of like 'Ax Men' on the History Channel. I suppose it's cuz I'm from Oregon and enjoy the scenery. And watching the guys work so hard at such a dangerous job can actually be inspiring. It makes it a desk-jockey like myself feel guility about complaining about much of anything.

But this Gabe Rygaard and his phony baloney acting has really got to me. The last straw was a recent episode where his dad secretly hires Gabe's arch enemy from another logging crew.

Gabe, you need some acting lessons, son. Your nose-to-nose confrontation with JD Jeremiah was embarrassing even for a reality-show. Especially one that is 'sort of' real.


Blogger leda said...

I can't stand old man rygaard, he's going to get someone hurt or killed. Can we 'vote him off the island'?

6:07 PM  

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