Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beatles Questions Part 3

More questions from a reader...

11. I read years ago that morgue workers video taped Lennon's body being placed in the oven during his cremation in a Rolling Stone story called 'Ghoulish Beatlemania'. Any truth to it?

Answer: Not sure why anyone would be interested in seeing something like that or even knowing about it. I never heard that story, and I haven't heard of the Rolling Stone article. I know that there was a photo of Lennon's body leaked to the Enquirer and I think Yoko even used the photo in a video. But it wasn't all that ghoulish. He just looked like he was sleeping.

12. Have you ever heard of a McCartney band called Suzy and the Red Stripes? They had a single called 'Walking in the Park with Eloise', a Jim McCartney song (Paul's dad). The flip side was a Linda song called 'Cook of the House'. What do you think of the songs?

Answer: You are mixing up your fake McCartney bands. Suzy and the Red Stripes was the 'band' on a single with a Linda song called 'Seaside Woman'. The other one, 'Walking in the Park' was by Wings under the name The Country Hams. 'Cook of the House' was on Wings at the Speed of Sound album and I think it was a flip side of one of the singles from the album.

I think I've heard 'Seaside Woman', but have no memory of it. 'Cook of the House' is a cute little number. But not outstanding. The Country Ham stuff is dull. Barely worth a listen. I think they are on one of the Wings' CDs as 'extras'.

13. If Yoko and Linda were given the Krell intelligence test from Forbidden Planet, who would score the highest IQ?

Answer: I don't remember the Krell test, although I've seen Forbidden Planet a few times. But regarding their I.Q., I would say that Linda was more intelligent. Comparing the many interviews I've heard and read over the years, Linda just strikes me as being smarter.

Also, her photography, which requires technical skills as well as talent, I think outshines anything Yoko ever did in regards to showing brains. But Yoko seems to be smart regarding money management. She's done a good job with John's fortune and investments. She comes from a family of bankers, so she might have a good head for money.

14. Which Lennon son has more musical talent, Sean or Julian?

Answer: I like Julian's Volatte album and think it shows talent as a singer and writer. I've never been impressed with any of Sean's stuff. And Julian seems to have more of the 'it' factor. That is, I'd rather watch Julian perform than Sean.

15. Same question concerning Paul's son James and George's son Dhani.

Answer: James hasn't really done much. He plays guitar a little on some Paul albums, but I don't think he's all that good. I think I listened to some of Dhani's stuff but cant' recall. I did seem him play at the 'Concert for George' a few years back, but the most impressive thing was how much he looks like a young George.

And regarding the Beatle kids in general, the most talented and successful of the bunch is obviously fashion designer Stella McCartney. Which I think shows that while the Beatles' kids do have 'creative genetics', trying to do something musical is probably not the way to go. Although, Zak Starkey is a pretty good drummer. But so are a million other guys.

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