Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beatle Questions Part 4

Here are the last few Beatles' questions sent by a faithful reader....

16. What's the name of Dhani's band? Have you heard his CD? I've heard he sounds like George.

Answer: The name of the band is 'Thenewno2' and I think I listened to some of it online once, but it obviously didn't grab me cuz I don't remember anything about it. I don't know if he sounds like George, but George's real strength was as a back-up singer anyway. So 'sounding like George' is not such a great thing really. George was great at harmonies, which is why, I think, he alone survived all of the John & Paul reshuffles during the early days. Also, he 'looked the part' and 'fit in'. His guitar playing was never great and it was his ability to sing that kept him in the band.

17. What's your favorite Paul album?

Answer: I like pretty much everything up to Tug of War, which was his first LP after John's death. I think John's passing affected his song writing because he was never as good after that. The competition between them never ended and I think he always had the thought 'what will John think?' in the back of his mind. Or, 'what will John say to the press about it when they ask him?'. It could also be a coincidence that his talent dropped off after 1980/81, but I think it's too big of a coincidence.

As to what my favorite Paul album is, it probably changes depending on what day you ask me. My top ones are McCartney, Ram, Wild Life, Band on the Run, Venus and Mars, Wings Over America, Back to the Egg, and Tug of War.

Band on the Run is regarded by pretty much everybody as his best, but I think I would have to choose Ram. It was his first 'proper' album after the break-up and doesn't have a lousy song in the bunch. I would put Venus and Mars as #2. The others are all pretty close on my likeness meter.

18. How was his stuff on Chaos and Creation?

I thought it was bad. Like any new Paul album, I put it in my car CD player and listen to it over and over until I decide whether I like it or not. Sometimes it takes a few listens for them to grow on you. After listening to Chaos about ten times or so, I realized it was horrible and I'll probably never play it again as long as I live.

19. What year was Thrillington?

For those who don't know, Thrillington was Paul's instrumental version of Ram. I said I wouldn't look stuff up for these questions, but I cheated on this one. I knew it was a number of years after Ram and i was was 1977 (Ram was 1971). I actually really like it. Of course, as I said above, Ram is probably my favorite Paul album, so it makes sense. One of the few McCartney off-shoot projects that's actually a hit with me. His other stuff, Liverpool Oratorio, Fireman and his other experiments don't do it for me. But Thrillington is damn cool.

That's it on Beatles questions....send more faithful readers. I enjoyed it!


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