Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"It was like something in a movie!"

I've said before and I'll say it again.

I HATE it when people say 'It was like something in a movie!'. Usually something like an explosion or car wreck. How come nobody says that when it's something non-violent like a child holding a kitten or a reunited couple embracing at the airport? Those things happen in movies, too.

It's always something violent and disturbing. And now you even hear newscasters say it. I heard it this morning when some gas line exploded.

It's bugs me for a few reasons. One, it's not accurate. An explosion is not like something in a movie. It's the opposite. A MOVIE explosion is like a REAL explosion. But when people see a big KABOOM, the FIRST THING they think is 'it was like a movie'. How sad. How weird we've become.

It also tells me that people tend to automatically associate anything violent with the movies. Is it that movies are super violent these days or is it that POPULAR movies are violent? I think it's a bit of both. Me, I avoid violent/action movies generally. I used to like 'em but now that everything is CGI, it doesn't interest me. I might as well watch a Jonny Quest cartoon if I want to see animated action sequences.

People are so insulated from the real world that their point of reference is all from TV shows and movies. You even see it in books now. I was reading some piece of shit sci-fi novel a friend recommended and literally, EVERY OTHER PAGE had some reference or comparison to 'Star Trek' or some other pop culture thing.

So many people spend the majority of their day looking at a computer, a TV screen or a handheld device, that they identify everything with what they see on a screen. Nobody can ride the bus or take a walk or even sit in the room with other people without checking their iPhones or the TV or computers. People can't even walk the fifty feet from their car to their house without yappin' on their cell phones.

And hey, I love TV and technology as much as the next guy! But we're heading into dangerous territory people.

Take a walk and look around. Pick up a guitar and play it. Read a classic novel (using a REAL book and not some 'device'). Talk to an actual person, even if it's just the check-out guy Safeway. Smell the roses people! Look around. Spend some time in your own head. The world is a fascinating place. Cuz when it's all said and done, and your breathing your last breath, it won't be that funny YouTube video or Tweet you remember. It will be moments with family and friends and a gorgeous spring day or snow covered field. Just like in the movies.


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