Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New Rule: Stop Saying "It Was Like Something in a Movie"

Okay, so maybe I'm beating a dead horse here. Or maybe I should send it to Bill Maher for his 'New Rules' segment. But please, stop saying EVERYTHING is like something in a movie! I hear it almost everyday. It's ridiculous!

I heard Nancy Grace say it on 'The View' the other day when she described her doctor telling her she had (or might have) cancer ("He took me in his office. It was like a scene from a movie").

And a local newscaster said it when he described a huge pile of snow on the roof of a truck colliding with an overpass ("It looks like a movie stunt").

First off, it's really lazy because you could say it about anything. For example, "I ordered a glass of beer. It was like something from a movie".

And second, WHAT MOVIE!? If you're describing a specific scene from a specific movie MAYBE it's okay. Like "I was driving really fast and flew over a hill and bottomed-out like the car chase scene in Bullit."

But this generic term for anything horrible or spectacular is just plain dumb. Stop it.


Blogger Mark Verheiden said...

I woke up this morning and checked for comments on Facebook. It was like something out of a movie (The Social Network)...

9:30 AM  

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