Friday, February 16, 2007

Let it be...DVD

I just read an article regarding the Apple vs. Apple settlement.

And while it's nice that the Apples are all one big happy family now, and the Beatles will finally be available for downloading, the real interesting thing about the story was Neil Aspinall's mention of the Let it be DVD.

To quote Neil: "The film was so controversial when it first came out. When we got halfway through restoring it, we looked at the outtakes and realized: this stuff is still controversial. It raised a lot of old issues."
And that was that. It sounds like it's been shelved much like the original Let it be album was, because nobody can face finishing it up. Maybe they should call up Phil Spector again?

And what are these "issues" and controversiess" he's talking about? It's been forty years! And everything that happened during those January '69 sessions has been well documented in books and interviews.

I hope they get it together. Fans have been clamoring for a cleaned up version with extra footage for ages.

And besides, my originall VHS copy is about worn out.


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