Monday, November 13, 2006

Paul on SNL

Our Paul made a cameo on SNL two nights ago. Luckily, I always tape SNL, and even though the show has been lousy the last few years, I never miss an episode.

The show was hosted by Alec Baldwin. Paul did a walk-on on in a sketch which involved the continuing SNL backstory of a private lounge for people who have hosted the show multiple times (e.g., Tom Hanks, John Goodman, etc.). Steve Martin and Martin Short also appeared. It was the best bit of the night.

Paul didn't have any lines, and did his A Hard Day's Night/Help! double-takes while the other performers did their stuff. He also appeared in the end bit where the host thanks everyone. It was good to see him. I thought he looked a little tired and older, but my girlfriend said "Well, he is old. And at least he's in good shape." (i.e., not fat). I think she's right. He's not 25 anymore. But he did look tired. I think this whole Heather-thing has worn him out.

Paul was the weakest actor of the four Beatles. Ringo was always the center of the movie plots (being the "everyman" he was the obvious choice). John was very good at witty one-liners and playing the "leader". Interestingly, director Richard Lester says that George was the one who always delivered exactly what he was asked to do. And looking back, he's great in the "Advertising Agency" scene in Hard Day's Night. It's too bad he didn't have more to do in Help!.

Paul was too self-conscious in the movies. Which is probably why his big "solo" scene in Hard Day's Night was cut. George had the aforementioned "Advertising Agency" scene, Ringo had his "This Boy" sequence, and John had his memorable backstage run-in with the ladylike actress.

Paul's deleted scene was supposedly a "romantic" boy/girl thing that took place while the "boys" are looking for Ringo. Too bad it wasn't included in the DVD so we could see what was so awful about it.


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