Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Time is Here Again

The Beatles and Christmas.

I still remember during the 60's finding Beatles '65, Rubber Soul, Magical Mystery Tour and The White Album under the tree as a kid. And after the break-up, there was always a solo album or two (or three) released for the Christmas season.

And for the last ten years or more, Apple has sporadically continued the tradition with Live at the BBC, Anthology 1, Beatles 1, Let it be...Naked, The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 and Love.

And of course there's the Fan Club records which I never heard as a kid (I never joined the fan club), but I dig listening to them now. There are numerous bootlegs out there and websites dedicated to them. An interesting bit of Beatles history, those Fan Club records. They start off in 1963 as very sweet and the group sounding like very happy and friendly. They end in 1969 with each Beatle recording his own bit separately. I highly recommend finding yourself a copy.

More on the Love album later. I just got it and so far, I'm liking it very much.

Happy Cringle, everybody.


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