Friday, February 09, 2007

February 9th, 1964

Forty-Three years ago today, The Beatles made their first historical appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show". Like millions of others, I watched and began my lifelong obsession with the four lads from Liverpool.

I was only six years old, but I still can remember my mom sitting my older brother and me in front of the tube and being told, "Watch this. It's important." Thanks a million, Mum.

The Beatles performed five tunes: "All My Loving", "Till There Was You", "She Loves You", "I Saw Her Standing There", and their mega hit at the time, "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

Some interesting facts about the show:

Paul is the star. He sings lead on three of the five tunes, with "All My Loving" at the top of the set list. This might be why Paul was my favorite Beatle as a kid. He got the most air time on that first show. I also dug him cuz he's left-handed, like me.

George had a severe case of the flu that day, and for the afternoon camera check, Neil Aspinall filled in for him. Neil, the Beatles "roadie" at the time, was originally brought in by his mate Pete Best. He went on to become the true "Fifth Beatle" (IMHO) and runs Apple to this day.

The television audience was so huge, that crime in New York virtually came to a stop during the broadcast. Yes, even the criminals had to stop everything to see what all the fuss was about.

And if you don't already have it: Get the DVD "Ed Sullivan Presents The Beatles". It has all four Ed Sullivan shows the Beatles appeared on (three from '64 and one from '65) and includes the entire show (Frank Gorshin doing some swell imitations, Mitzi Gaynor dancing, etc.), and even has the original commercials. The DVD is only about $20 and well worth it. A super must-have for any Beatles nut.

And hey, check out the Beatles official website (there's a link on the right>>>). They have some very nifty and new Cirque du Soleil Love extras. Videos, podcasts and audio interviews with Paul, Ringo, and George Martin and his son Giles, who produced the new album. Great stuff.


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