Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Official Lennon web site

I just stumbled on an official John Lennon site. Click on the link (look to the right side of this page) and give it a go. Not sure how long it's been up, but it appears to be a few months old or so.

It's a nice site with videos, pics and a store with some cool t-shirts (if you're into that kind of thing).

Rating the "official" sites:

1) George: The best of the bunch. A little too "gimmicky", but a smart and fun experience with a lot of cool content. Performance is occasionally sketchy, but acceptable. Check it out.

2) John: It was worth the wait. This is a super site with lots of videos and a nice look and feel. Great performance so far.

3) Beatles: It's getting better all the time. When it first launched, the content was nil. But they're slowly adding features, which is actually the best to develop a site (IMHO). It looks like they've dumped the confusing "timeline" feature, which shows they're paying attention to just how usable the site is. A good sign. Performance issues are rare.

4) Ringo: Used to be #1, but performance issues (at least on my 'puter) have made me visit it less and less. Home video updates with Ringo were a highlight, but now they either don't load properly or the site itself doesn't launch.

5) Paul: Very little content, a barren look and nothing much happening here. Whoever is designed this snooze-fest should be canned. Performance seems fine, but who cares? It blows.

The online stores: George and Paul's stores only accept British currency which is not very user friendly (they might adjust to dollars if you actually get to the point of buying something but I've never purchased anything from any of the five "official" sites). Lennon's store is in dollars and Ringo's just links to Amazon (which is fine). lets you choose dollars or pounds which is the best and most friendly option.


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