Sunday, January 09, 2011

Spider-Man Movie

I hear that instead of making a Spider-Man 4 movie, they are going to reboot the franchise and start all over again with a younger Spidey and origin story.

C'mon! How many times I have to see the 'radioactive spider/Uncle Ben' tale!? I saw it on the old ABC cartoon, the lousy TV version from the 70's, other newer cartoon versions and not to mention reading the story retold in the comics a bunch of times. Let's just get on with fighting Kraven, the Lizard and the othe villians they haven't gotten around to. And dealing with his girlfriend, money and secret identity problems, which is really what Spider-Man is about anyway.

If they couldn't get Tobey MacGuire, or whatever their issues were with doing a fourth film, just recast it. The Bond franchise got it right by just changing the actor every ten years or so (thank God they also had the good luck that 007 doesn't have an 'origin' story).


Blogger Mark Verheiden said...

There is a fan theory that "James Bond" is in fact a cover name that they give to the rotating cast that inhabits the 007 job. Each man entering the job subjugate his own identity and becomes code-name "James Bond" to the agency. Maybe there are hundreds of Spider-Men and Tobey was just one of them...

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