Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Beatles and San Francisco

I live four miles from the Cow Palace and about seven miles from Candlestick Park. Weird. The Cow Palace was the opening show for the Beatles' 1964 US/Canada tour and Candlestick was where they played their last live show (not counting the 'Let it be' rooftop gig).

As I drive into the City on Highway 101, I see Candlestick sticking out into the bay and I rarely, if ever, don't think 'That's where the last show was.' And I imagine the stage, right around where second base used to be. There's no second base anymore. The Giants play downtown now.

I can't see the Cow Palace from the freeway, but I see the exit for it. And right after the Candlestick exit, there's the 'Paul Ave' and 'Silver Ave' exits. Another weird coincidence.