Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wino Junko

This tune by Wings' Jimmy McCulloch is super. On the mediocre "Speed of Sound" album, I always perk up when it comes on. "Speed of Sound" always struck me as a quickie put out for the American tour and was a disappointment after such strong lps like Band on the Run and Venus Mars.

"Wino Junko" is very simple (only a couple of chords) but hey, a lot of great pop tunes are only a few chords. And the lyrics are clever. It's catchy and cool.

It retrospect it's upsetting knowing that Jimmy died from drugs not long afterward. Like most all of the former Wingsters, he left the band disgruntled. I remember the story from one of the books about how Jimmy, tired of the low pay and crummy conditions of living/recording at the McCartney farm, stood outside Paul and Linda's bedroom window and pointed a gun at them while they slept. He was drunk/high and he didn't shoot...not sure if the story is true but it's a good yarn anyway.

I also like the one about how in the McCartney fan club mag, when they announced the sad passing of Jimmy, the next page had a big spread proclaiming "IT'S PARTY TIME AGAIN", in reference to some new record or something.

Jimmy was a great guitar player and added a lot to the albums and tour. But he was just a hired hand, like all of the Wings' members. It's not like he was Beatle or something.