Monday, November 14, 2005

Paul's "Chaos and Creation"

I have to say, sadly, that the best thing about Paul's latest is the cover pic of him. The old photo, taken in 1962 by brother Mike, shows Our Paul strumming his guitar in the backyard of his Liverpool home. Beautifully framed thru some lace curtains and with the McCartney laundry drying on the line, it's a super photo. You look at it and wonder, is he working on a new song? Is he playing a rock standard he loves to mess with...and what's on his mind. Oh how much will happen to that lad in the next eight years. He has no idea.

I've been to the McCartney house in Liverpool, and anyone who loves the Beatles should make the trip.

The new album was supposed to be something special and yet the only track I like is the first one, "Fine Line". A nice upbeat pop tune, but from there it's all downhill.

But I must say this: I recently took a road trip and listened to all of the Paul albums I don't play much. And it's funny, but as time goes by, I enjoy them more and more. When "Flaming Pie" first came out, I thought it was lousy. But overtime, it's grown on me. You know the old cliche you hear writers and musicians blab all the time when asked "What's your favorite book/album/movie"? The answer inevitably is "The new one!"...when it comes to Paul's albums, my least favorite album is always the "The new one!".