Monday, January 15, 2007

LOVE and Paul "through with women"

A British tabloid is saying that Paul has told "pals" that he is "through with women". Ironic since the latest Beatles' release is the wonderful LOVE CD, and that he has written some of the great love songs of all time.

If the statement is true, I'm hoping that it's a phase that he'll get over. For all his wealth and success, Paul has remained a "family" type guy. And it would be a real shame for him to spend the rest of his days without someone who he can grow old with, in the same way expressed on "When I'm 64". Not doubt there will be plenty of "grandchildren on your knee", but another wife may be tricky.

And speaking of the LOVE CD, it's a bit difficult to review song by song, since it's really one of those albums you have to listen to straight thru. But my initial impression was that it sounds made like something they might have done live if they had stayed together. Changing tempos, combining songs and generally mixing things up. Like taking guitar solos from one song and putting them in a different one.

I'm not buying into the "sacrilege!" out-cries from some hardcore fans. It's a fun record. And gives new insights into old arrangements. Bravo.