Friday, September 16, 2005

On the Road with Our Paul

Somebody somewhere once said the Paul makes good "car driving music". An obvious slam by some smart-alecky critic who figured it was hip to putdown Our Paul.

But you know, the bastard was right. Paul's solo albums do make good car driving music. And next week I'll be taking a long road trip for work and am planning on taking along a bunch of Paul albums I don't play that often. A good chance to reacquaint myself with the records I don't like as much as my favs. My favs being pretty much everything from McCartney thru Tug of War. I don't have his new one yet, but plan on picking it up before the trip. I'll put up my thoughts on it when I get back.

In the meantime, why don't we all pull out Paul's "B-List" albums and give 'em another listen. You know what I mean. Crap like Pipes of Peace, Press to Play, Flaming Pie, Off the's still better than a lot of other stuff you could be listening to, eh?

And speaking of his later work, Flowers in the Dirt is the only later LP that I really dig. It's probably the Elvis Costello team-up that makes it good, but even the non-Costello tunes are nice. I love "Figure of Eight", for example. I remember he opened his "Flowers" tour with it. It's a good one.