Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dancing With Heather

I see that Heather Mills has been cast to participate in March's installment of "Dancing With The Stars". I've never watched more than a few minutes of this show, and have no clue as to why people are interested. But that's what makes horse racing and show business.

I truly think it's great that someone with an artificial limb is participating. Heather took the tragedy of her injury and turned it into a cause, becoming an advocate for amputees. Let's give her credit for that.

But I'm asking myself, would ABC have cast her if the divorce from Our Paul was amicable? Or is the network, and Heather, cashing in on the fact that it's a messy affair and that she's become a notorious figure? Maybe. Maybe not.

And is she actually a "star"? She was a nobody in the modeling world before her accident, and her claim to fame is that she was married to a Beatle.

And yes, other Beatle wives used their marriages to promote their careers. But let's look at what they actually did before and after hooking up with a Fab.

Linda McCartney was a respected, talented photographer. The cover of the McCartney album is my favorite cover of all time. And even though it's "cool" to say her singing sucked and she couldn't play keyboards, I disagree. I like her vocals, especially on Ram. And no one even claimed her musicianship was anything but at a beginner's level. She also co-wrote a bunch of songs, including the middle-reggae bit on "Live and Let Die".

Yoko Ono was a well-known figure in the underground scene before she met John. And while people love to put her music down (like Linda), at least she made the effort. Like it or not, she is an artist.

Cynthia Lennon has written a couple of books, but never went into "show business". And I'm glad she wrote the books. I'll read any book by a Beatles insider.

Patti Harrison was a successful model pre-George, and probably would've gone on to be even bigger if she had chosen to. She's now a professional photographer, and her work sells at a hefty price.

And Barbara Bach was a major movie actress. Most notably as the "Bond Girl" in what many people consider the best Roger Moore 007 flick, The Spy Who Loved Me.

I won't go out of my way to tune in to "Dancing With The Stars", but I must admit I'm curious. If I'm channel surfing and it's there, I'll watch. And I wish her well.

But I'd rather see Yoko cut a rug. At least she's a "star".


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