Friday, June 16, 2006

Now He's 64

Lots of articles and talk about our kid turning 64. Sadly, I doubt if there will be much coming out of Macca's camp to mark the occasion.

Looking back at the song, written when he was a teenager and resurrected for the Sgt. Pepper album, it's pretty amazing really. Think of being Paul McCartney in 1967. The idol of millions, the most successful act in show business, the only bachelor Beatle and living in London, the drug experiences...and what does he write about? Home, family, and the comfort of being with your soul mate "many years from now".

We think of the "family man" Paul as something that happened after he settled down with Linda. But that guy was always there. In even the midst of the Swinging London scene.

I'm hoping that he finds another love someday, and can live out his days the way that sweet little song describes them. For all the good times and happiness he's brought the world, he deserves it.


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