Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Christ, You Know It Ain't Easy

Bad month for our boys. First they lose the Apple Computer lawsuit, and now Paul and Heather are splitting.

I'm sorry that things didn't work out for Paul. I believe that family and home and all that corny shit are actually really important and foremost in his life. But it seems to be a fact that Heather's background was a bit sketch and that Paul's kids never really took to her. When I was in England a few years ago, we saw a television hatchet job on her that painted her as a golddigging star collector. I'm not saying it was all true or fair, but it did not bode well for their future.

It is sad. The one Beatle who was able to avoid a divorced is now going through one. Maybe he should've married an American? Those are the only marriages that seem to work for our boys. Linda, Olivia and Barbara...all Yanks. Cyn, Patti, Mo...Brits. Jane Asher, too, who was almost a Beatle-wife. And Yoko, well, she's Japanese, but had embraced America and New York in particular. So she's kind of an honorary American. But it can be said, no Beatle ever divorced an American.


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