Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Apple vs. Apple

The verdict should be coming in any time now. I hope the Beatles win this one. I've always felt that Apple Computer had a lot of nerve using such a famous name and logo for their company. Maybe they didn't think they would get as big as they did and that nobody would care or notice. Afterall, the Beatles aren't suing the likes of The Apple Landscaping Company or Apple Dry-Cleaners.

And what's with all of these people who are so "into" Apple Computers? They go to conventions, wear Apple hats and are full of hate for Microsoft. It's just a product for God's sake! It's like getting all emotional over your tea kettle. I know people who love Harley-Davidson or Corvettes, and I can actually kind of understand that. There is something beautiful and artistic about the design of a car or motorcycle. But a computer company? How nerdy can you get?

Of course you could say the same thing about the Beatles. It's just a band, right? Some people view art as just another product. But there is a difference. Art tells us something about other people and other places. It expresses ideas. And even if you disagree with the artist's philosophy, it's still an expression and tells you something about the human race. Even films, television shows or songs that are created for the sole purpose of generating money have some tiny bit of an expression buried in them.

Apple Computers doesn't tell you anything about people. It's just a tool. Like a tea kettle.


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