Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wrong Mix on Capitol Vol. 2

Apparently, Capitol screwed up and didn't press the proper mixes. They are releasing the corrected versions, however it is difficult to tell one from the other.

The corrected version have SK-1 next to the catalog number on at the bottom of the "New...Volume 2" yellow sticker. So the catalog number for the corrected version would be "2 4 SK-1". But I've also heard that some corrected versions DO NOT have a SK-1 number on the box.

I bought a regular sized copy (Not a Long Box) from Target and it doesn't have the SK-1. But I'm afraid to open it cuz if it's a defective one, I want to keep it sealed as a collectible. I guess I'll wait until the smoke clears.

Also, I hear the Help! sleeve is not a gatefold, which is a drag. I have an original LP, so it doesn't matter to me so much, but it is disappointing they didn't go the extra mile.

Hopefully when they release Vol. 3, Yesterday...and Today will have the Butcher cover, since that was the original cover. Capitol would be fools to not do a Butcher cover. It would be a big selling point, I think.


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