Wednesday, June 13, 2012

'Yellow Submarine' at the Castro

Went to see the re-mastered Yellow Submarine at the Castro theater in San Francisco last weekend. The Castro is one of those great old movie palaces that has somehow survived. I always enjoy going there and wonder why I don't go more often.

Anyhoo, I'm standing in line for the Sunday afternoon showing surrounded by a mix of kids and adults. Lots of grandparents/grandkids/Beatles indoctrination going on.

Some old guy (i.e., my age), all alone, says to no one in particular, 'I just want to sit away from all of these kids!'. So I say to him, 'Yeah, God forbid you have to sit next to a kid while you watch a cartoon.'

Later, I saw him a half a dozen rows in front of me. Suddenly, two adults and a child sit a few seats away from the Meanie. An actual family at a family friendly movie. The nerve. I could tell by his body language (couldn't see his face) that he was annoyed. He was recoiling from them. That is, recoil as much as you can in those small old movie theater seats.

What did he expect? He goes to a kids' movie on a Sunday afternoon (there were other weekday/evening shows he could have attended instead) and sits in the best spot (tenth row center), and then gets mad when other people (and children!) sit near him.

Guess he didn't get the message of the movie. All you need is love, Meanie. A lousy time is guaranteed for you!


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