Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dick Clark: I Liked Him On The $25,000 Pyramid

Dick Clark did a great job hosting the '$25,000 Pyramid'. He was polite, always on top of the game and interested. He knew how to move things along and took it seriously but not too seriously. It was a good game and fun to watch.

That said, everything else Dick Clark did left me cold. 'American Bandstand' was an absolutely horrible show. So bland. And all of the performers lip-synced everything and seemed uncomfortable being there. Dick seemed so out of place in that sea of teenagers. A real square.

It was torture. So why did I watch it? It was Sunday afternoons and there was nothing else on (except for football before I was interested in football or some religious program) so it was my only option. And besides, watching somebody I liked lip-sync was better than not seeing them at all.

His 'Rockin' New Years Eve' show was something I never watched except for a few moments here and there. It seemed unbearable.

I don't think Dick Clark was any great shakes. He was a DJ and a businessman who looked at rock and roll as a way to cash in. I never felt that he really loved the music.

And what about that run-in with Michael Moore? I don't recall the details. It was in Bowling For Coumbine and involved an issue about the lousy working conditions of a business Clark owned. Dick fled from Moore and came off as uncaring and greedy.

I suspect he regarded his workers like he did rock and roll music: Numbers on a spreadsheet.


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