Sunday, June 03, 2012

RIchard Dawson Was Cool

I always dug Dawson who died yesterday June 2, 2012.  Newkirk was always my favorite 'Hero' on an otherwise mediocre show. Probably for no other reason than he was British in an era when everything British was interesting, and that I liked his blue uniform.

He was great on 'Match Game'. The smartest and best player. I never liked 'Family Feud' as much as 'Match Game', but I did enjoy Dawson as host. He was funny and seemed like a decent guy and he would occasionally tell personal and funny little stories.

I remember when the show first premiered that I thought it was odd to have an Englishman hosting a show with a name, music and set design derived from American hillbilly culture. But 'The Feud' quickly became Dawson's show and the whole 'hillybilly' theme was something I never much thought about.

Another thing I admire about him is that as he got old, he went away. He stepped aside and didn't keep hanging around like Regis Philbin did until 'they' finally told him enough is enough.

I'd like to think that Dawson wanted us to remember him as that tan and handsome TV star.

He did do some extensive interviews for the Archive of American Television. He's old but sharp. Check it out pilgrim.


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