Friday, June 01, 2012


I never liked 'The Cosby Show' with all those smart-alecky kids. But I did love 'The Bill Cosby Show', his first sitcom from the early 70's where he played a high school teacher.

It was an interesting show. One of the first to not have a laugh-track. And Cosby was able to attract some fab guest stars like Henry Fonda, 'Moms' Mabley, Cicely Tyson and Dick Van Dyke.

Cosby's character, Chet Kincaid, with his groovy bachelor pad, was one of my heroes. But the greatest thing about the show was the theme song, 'Hikky-Burr', by Quincy Jones and sung by Cosby.

There's a recorded version on Jones' Smackwater Jack album, but the TV version is better. Cosby lays back a bit on the record. I assume he didn't want to hog the spotlight from Quincy's great band.

Here's a clip with the theme. The teaser features another one of those super guest stars I was talking about, Don Knotts.


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