Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elizabeth Montgomery on 'Password Plus'

The Game Show Network has been showing 'Password Plus' episodes from 1979 featuring a week of episodes with Elizabeth Montgomery. This is about seven years after 'Bewitched' left the air and she's promoting a TV movie with the unmemorable title of Jennifer: A Woman's Story.

What a smart, funny, classy and gorgeous lady she was. She's about 45 or 46 in these shows and looks fab. And she's an excellent Password player. She gives super clues and is great under pressure.

Her celebrity opponent, Bert Convey is likable and funny enough, but not much of a player. At one point, he gets confused about the rules and as Allen Luden starts to explain them to him, Liz says 'Will this take long?' Allen quickly moves things along after that.

Watching these episodes got me thinking about how 'Bewitched' and The Beatles were both such huge pop culture phenomenons during the 1960's. And they both started and ended at about the same time. The first episode of 'Bewitched' premiered about six months after The Beatles invaded America. And the last 'Bewitched' was filmed a year or so after The Beatles final album was released.

And just as The Beatles were never as good as solo performers, Liz was never as wonderful as she was as Samantha. Not that the solo Beatles or post-'Bewitched' Liz were bad, they were simply not as appealing.

To this day, I miss both. And as John Lennon sang, 'You don't know what you got until you lose it.'


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