Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Julie Adams - Mainy

One of my favorite actresses of from back in the day, a 'mainy', is the gorgeous Julie Adams.

Julie is best remembered to sci-fi and horror geeks (like me) from Creature From The Black Lagoon. Who can forget the endless scenes of her swimming with the Creature lurking just behind and under her? They sure spent a lot of screen time on her and that white bathing suit. Time well spent, I say.

She also stands out in my mind as the gambling addict in a 'Bonanza' episode. Hoss fell for her and thought her gambling was no big deal. When Adam tried to explain, well, all hell broke loose.

She was also in an Elvis movie, Tickle Me, as the matriarch of a girls dude ranch. One of the more interesting Elvis flicks music-wise as Elvis refused to record any new stuff and the tunes were plucked from his catalog.

Julie's still around...apparently in an episode of 'Lost' which I didn't watch (I'd given up by then). But she was in a ton of shows. 'Streets of San Francisco', 'Mod Squad', 'Alfred Hitchcock'...the list goes on and on. She even played Jimmy Stewart's wife in a bad show from the 70's, 'The Jimmy Stewart Show'. She was the only reason I watched it.


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