Thursday, February 02, 2012

Lee Meriwether - Mainy

Lee Meriwether was always one of my main baby boomer era heart throbs. That is, a 'mainy'.

I don't know if it was just kismet or her personal choices, but whatta resume! She was in two of best TV shows of the 60's (a guest star on 'Star Trek' and a semi-regular on 'Mission: Impossible'). She's the Catwoman in the Batman TV based movie. And in my opinion she rates as the second best Catwoman ever (Julie Newmar is #1 and sorry Michele Pfeiffier, but you're #3 in my book),.

She was a regular on 'Time Tunnel', and yeah, the show doesn't hold up so good, but back in 1966 it was a huge deal for a nine year old like me. And even though she wore a lab coat in virtually every scene, she was still hot.

She was also Miss America in 1955 representing California. And on a personal note, Lee grew up in San Francisco the city I've called home for the past 25 years.

Lee starred and guest starred in a ton of shows and is among those groovy actors, who are now often forgotten or overlooked, that kept popping up everywhere back in those glorious days!


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