Monday, January 30, 2012

Ringo on Sirius

Today Ringo Starr had a 'town hall' meeting on Sirius. It was hosted by Russell Brand and Don Was.

Let's face it. Ringo is just a grumpy old man now. He's been that way for a while, and even though I want to pretend he's just having a bad day, it's turned into a five year long bad day. It's not like he's a monster, but he keeps talkin' that 'peace and love' stuff but seems rude to the audience and even to Russell Brand.

I only listened to about half of the show and will give more details if I catch the encore.

Ringo's solo career doesn't matter. Except for a couple of early albums and singles, everything he's done is pretty meaningless. And he was always more interesting as an actor than a singer.


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