Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Lana Del Ray and the SNL Debacle

Poor Lana Del Ray. Or maybe not. Her so-called 'debacle' on SNL in January may be the greatest unplanned publicity stunt since the Sex Pistols called Bill Grundy 'a dirty effer' live on a British morning TV show.

I saw the SNL episode before it became a controversy and I actually said to meself, out loud, 'That was pretty cool'. She has a weird voice and persona, which I dig (I like weird) and the band and the song and arrangement were interesting.

Millions of people who never heard of her have watched the YouTube clip and I understand her CD is selling like hotcakes.

I watched the performance again thinking, 'Did I miss something?', and no, I didn't. I suppose she's just not everybody's cup of tea.

When bands like Florence and The Machine are getting all kinds of hype and being embraced by the masses who think they are edgy and alternative, I watch her/them and I feel nothing.

Lana Del Ray, on the other hand, is truly different. There's something fascinating about her and that strange voice. And while I don't plan on running out to buy her album, I just might.


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