Monday, September 05, 2011

'Who Is Harry Nilsson?'

The new documentary 'Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)' is a fascinating, in-depth portrait of the man, and is full of interesting Beatles info.

Nilsson's relationships with Ringo and John are explored and we get insight into some great stories, like the famous Troubadour 'Smother Brothers' incident. They even get Dick and Tommy to talk about. Dick still seems pissed off. I never liked him anyway. I always thought he was a lousy straight man and even lousier bass player.

There was some facts I'd never heard, like how Derek Taylor gave all of the Beatles copies of a Nilsson album and that John and Paul actually called Harry to tell him how much they liked it. Lennon even cracks the joke to the press that 'Nilsson is my favorite group', which is an old Beatles' gag they used a few times before about 'Our favorite American group, Sophie Tucker' (Which I think was meant to be a joke about Sophie's weight...Harry wasn't fat at that point, but it's still funny).

We get some clips of Ringo and Harry running around to the tune of Harry's 'Best Friend' (from the TV show 'Courtship of Eddie's Father') and some of their 'Son of Dracula' film, a movie I've never seen.

And lots of behind the scenes footage of Ringo drumming for Harry on the Son of Schmilsson album.

May Pang and Yoko Ono also are interviewed but the better interviews come from Mickey Dolenz, Jimmy Webb, Van Dyke Parks, Richard Perry, and Harry's third wife, Una.

Netlfix this sucker. It's really worthwhile. I wouldn't kid you.


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