Thursday, June 09, 2011

What Paul McCartney Should Do

Stop playing all the 'hits' at concerts. How about some obscure Wings or Ram tunes? After backing off from Beatles songs back in the early solo days, now there's too many of them. And I'd rather hear the original recordings of 'Get Back' or 'Hey Jude' anyway.

But it would be cool to hear 'Long Haired Lady' or 'Big Barn Bed'.

Stop making albums until the material is more interesting. The new songs are dull and uninspired. Write some stuff with Elvis Costello again. That was the last time the tunes really had something. And get Ringo or Joe English on drums. Or Denny Seiwell, even. Those guys really understand Macca music.

And finally, do something different. I don't know what exactly. Something besides a concert or a new CD. A TV Special maybe. Or a small comedy bit in the next Hangover movie.

Or even better, a drama. One of those grimy English 'estate' movies like Harry Brown or Fish Tank. Playing the 'dad' or the 'shop keeper' in an independent/quality flick would be a cool move.


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