Saturday, July 02, 2011

Bad TV Shows that 'Look' Good

Two shows that 'look' great but are essentially unwatchable are two oldies, 'Daniel Boone' and 'Lost in Space'.
Interestingly, both shows started off in black and white and were actually better before they went to color. Better stories. More action, more adult. However, they look so great in color, I'm always tempted to watch them when they pop up on TV ('Daniel Boone' is currently on Retro TV, but I haven't seen 'Lost in Space' anywhere for a few years).
The color, the lighting, the costumes and sets on both of those shows are SUPER. But the stories? Ugh. The acting is also weak with a few exceptions. Billy Mumy and Jonathan Harris are good in 'Space', and I always dug Patricia Blair on 'Daniel Boone'. She's not only great looking, but a decent actress. But she's hardly in the show.
A friend suggested 'Gilligan's Island' as another candidate, but I think 'Gilligan' is actually a good show. So there.


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