Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept 13 in Beatle History

Two A-List Beatle Kids were born this day. Zak Starkey, in 1965 and Stella in 1971. I remember when Zak popped out, and seeing the newspaper pic of Ringo and Mo holding baby Zak (I was only about eight years old meself).

I don't have any clear memory of Stella's birth, but it is worth noting that the name 'Wings' was conjured up by Paul during the 'difficult birth' of the future fashion designer. He had a 'vision' of angels with wings. Better than the other names he was considering; Turpentine or The Dazzlers.

Zak has gone on to be a super success as a drummer playing for The Who and Oasis.

Two Beatle kids who made it big! You gotta love 'em. I wonder if they send each other an email on this day every year? It would be nice.

Oh, and Paul's son James was born on September 12, 1977. Almost made it a three-peat.


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