Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let it Be Movie

So when in the heck are they gonna re release the Let it be movie!? There are plenty of outtakes floating around on YouTube. This one is especially weird. Paul seems all coked up (or something is making him act nutty).

There's actually an even longer version, but the sound is scratchy. This shorter version has better quality. But you can search for the five minute clip.

Check it out, and surf YouTube for other oddball Let it be stuff. There's one of them jamming with Yoko The clip is minus George, who according the what I've read, had 'quit' earlier that day over his argument with Paul over his guitar part on 'I've Got a Feeling'. And as he left, he made the now famous quip, 'See you 'round the clubs.' I'll have to remember that the next time I walk out of somebody.

But in the meantime, dig this crazy clip. John and Paul seem to be enjoying themselves. Ringo is his usual laid back self. But you can see George is thinking, 'This is an incredible waste of my time'.


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