Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'Survivor' Moves to Wednesday

I see 'Survivor' is moving to Wednesdays after over ten years as a Thursday night staple. This pretty much ends my habit of Thursday being my big TV night.

Remember when NBC called Thursday 'Must See TV'? It was a great 20-year run of shows I loved like 'Cheers', 'Friends', 'Scrubs', 'Will and Grace', 'Frasier', 'Seinfeld', 'ER' and a bunch I didn't like but had huge ratings like 'The Cosby Show'.

And even though NBC pretty much owned the night, 'Survivor' made it a 'must see' night, too. It's the only 'non-scripted' show I like (I think 'non-scripted' is a more accurate term than 'reality' because there's nothing about 'Survivor' that resembles 'reality'. You could actually say that a show like 'ER' was more 'real' than 'Survivor').

It's a great show because it's a great 'game'. Not only are the challenges fun, but the psychological aspects are complex. Because while the main goal is to eliminate the other players, usually through trickery and lying, the final goal is to get the majority of the same people you lied to and betrayed to pick you as the winner.

I also love the scenery and think Jeff Probst is terrific.

Oh, and again, regarding Thursday TV viewing, I recall that the first six or so episodes of 'Northern Exposure' (CBS) were also on Thursday night as a summer replacement (remember those?).

The only thing left really is '30 Rock'. I used to like 'The Office' but don't really care about it much anymore. 'Parks and Recreation' is okay, but Thursdays will never be the same. The end of 'ER' was huge, but 'Survivor' moving to Wednesdays is the last nail in the coffin.


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