Monday, June 14, 2010

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

I dropped that old saying on someone the other day and got a big laugh. And then I got to thinking about some other old 60's and 70's phrases like 'Keep on Truckin', 'Make Love Not War', 'You Bet Your Bippy', 'Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out' and 'Beam Me Up Scotty'...there's a million of 'em.

Is it me, or have we kind of stopped using these kinds of sayings? More specifically, phrases that everybody knows and are either benign, promote a positive spirit (peace/youth/mind expansion) or finally, simply funny.

Is it the fact that the age of connecting with like-minded people via bumper stickers, posters and t-shirts has gone away with the advent of technology (Blogs, Twitters, Facebook, etc.)?

I guess there are some new ones like 'More Cowbell' (not exactly 'new', I know). But unlike 'Beam Me Up Scotty!', which you can actually use in a conversation, 'More Cowbell' doesn't mean anything (even if you've seen the SNL sketch which most people haven't).


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