Saturday, July 24, 2010

The PT 109 Movie Is Awful

I caught most of the movie PT 109 on Turner Classics today. What a lousy movie. It doesn't lack for production value and looks really good. Photography, sets, location,'s all great. And a great cast of 60's character actors including Robert Blake, Robert Culp, James Gregory and Norman Fell. And of course, Peter Parker's dad, Cliff Robertson as JFK.

But it the most lackluster, slow moving piece of crap! The 'action' scenes of Kennedy and his boys fighting it out with the Japanese as they rescue some marooned Marines is ridiculous. No one seems to be in a hurry to either shoot back or get away.

And when a rescue plane flies over our heroes, they can barely muster a wave as the plane doesn't see them and disappears in the distance.

The scene where the 109 is split in half by a Japanese destroyer was recreated by yours-truly for a school assignment using toy boats and army men. As I recall, it went over pretty well. And was probably a lot better than this sleep inducing film.


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