Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beatles Mono Remastered

Got the Mono Box delivered the other day. I love it. The sound quality is super. Haven't heard the Stereo Box yet, but plan on getting it soon. But I'm thinking, that everything up to and including Sgt. Pepper probably sounds better in mono. There's the fuzzy period of Magical Mystery Tour and the 'White Album' where it's debatable whether the mono or stereo versions are best, but I'd probably give the nod to stereo. But why have a stereo version of Please Please Me? It's not even 'real' stereo.

And speaking of the 'White Album', the mono mix is interesting. Fewer pig grunts on 'Piggies' and no 'I got blisters on my fingers!' at the end of 'Helter Skelter'.


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