Thursday, September 03, 2009

'The Beatles: Rock Band' Animation Sucks!

Just saw an MTV show where they played a bunch of clips from the 'Rock Band' video game thingy.

The animation is so horrible it beggars description. Nothing moves right. The way they hold their guitars is awkward, and their mouths and teeth are especially disturbing. Why anyone would want to watch this more than once out of some kind of 'isn't this awful' curiosity defies me.

The only good thing about this MTV show was that they showed some 'real' clips including the 'Hey Bulldog' video which I've never actually seen before. I've seen portions of it, and in the 'Anthology' documentary they show some of it but with 'Lady Madonna' as the song. But this was the real deal with nice shots of John and Paul singing together and I also noticed for the first time, Ringo is playing his red 'LOVE' logo bass drum from Magical Mystery Tour.


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