Monday, August 10, 2009

Rockestra Theme Lyric

I was listening to the Wingspan CD in the car today and on came 'Rockestra Theme'. Cool tune. But I couldn't understand (or remember) what they are shouting during the break.

So I googled it and a whole bunch of sites say it's 'With a bird in the hand he says no dinner', which I thought was wrong because 1) it doesn't really sound like that to me, and 2) it's too off the wall, even for a Beatle.

Then I found a site with the text of an interview Paul did for VH1 way back when where he quotes the lyric as being 'Why haven't I had any dinner', which I believe is correct.

And while I was doing my 'research', I was reminded that the song won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Recording of 1979. Funny. I'm discussing the 'lyric' to a Grammy winning instrumental. Oh well...great song and BTW...why haven't I had any dinner!?


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