Monday, December 29, 2008

Beatles Monopoly Game

I got the Beatles' Monopoly for Christmas (Thanks Sonja and Mark!). And like all 'official' Beatles/Apple products, it's very well done. It's obvious that the designers put a lot of thought and time into their choices.

Albums are now the properties (the exception being the two high-end properties which are 'Abbey Road' and 'Apple' studios). Concert tickets are railways and Candlestick and Shea are the utilities. The Community Chest and Chance cards are 'Beatlemania' and 'Fab Four' spaces and for symbols, they have the drum logos from Magical Mystery Tour (the red 'love' one) and Pepper (the elaborate old fashioned one).

What's especially cool is that they include both British and American albums, and lay them out in chronological order. I knew the designers were 'super fans' when I noticed that they use the 'butcher' cover for the Yesterday...and Today space. Nice.

The tokens are a Strawberry (Fields), a (I am the) Walrus, Octopus (Garden), (Rocky) Raccoon, (Maxwell's) Silver Hammer and a (Here Comes the) Sun. Again, this is a example of how well they thought this thing out. It's no coincidence that they have included Ringo and George songs as tokens. This way, if you're a George fan, you can take the 'Sun' piece.

The houses and hotels are black and white (respectively) instead of the original green and red. Not sure what the 'Beatles' connection there is with that, but it is cool and sort of modern looking.

I played the game and chose the raccoon (just cuz it's so darn cute) and spent Boxing Day afternoon playing. Unlike some other 'specialized' monopoly games I've tried, this Beatles' version seems to be well tested and everything works well. The only flaw was being a little unclear on the directions on one of the Beatlemania cards. But it was no biggie.

I lost, but a splendid time was had by all. Can't wait to play again. And next time, I am the Walrus.


Blogger Improvedliving said...

lol monopolygame?> lol

Beatles Fan

11:06 AM  
Blogger flintserver said...

monopoly game no place name? All due respect to "Sonja and Mark" but no place name no monopoly game, sorry!!!

You need 22 place.

abbey road
saville row (apple studio!)
buckingham palace (mbe, the hell)
piccadilly circus (movies here 1st)

lime street
penny lane
strawberry fields
liverpool institute
art college

octopus garden (ha ha)

forthlin ave (now national trust)
menlove ave
madryn st
grove st (all 4 birthplace ok)

friar park
cavendish ave
dakota bldg
mull of kintyre (high park farm)

hamburg club (star club?)
london palladium
shea stadium

Instead 4 train station you must Seas from Pepper movie.

maxwell judge send them jail.
pc thirty one keep them jail.

should have beatle character for token for godsake dammit!!

must i myself design their game hmm?????

3:46 PM  

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