Monday, October 27, 2008

Ringo's Rant and Autographs

Ringo's taking some slack for his recent rant. If you missed it, he posted a video on his site about not accepting anymore requests for autographs.

The amazing thing, to me at least, was that he was even signing stuff in the first place! From what I read, he's been going above and beyond regarding fan letters and word must have gotten out that he's a good sport about it. And I suspect that a lot of stuff he signed was not from 'fans', but from dealers who would turn around and sell the stuff. The whole autograph thing seems old fashioned now. Unless you actually get it from the celebrity in person (or maybe a third party who gets it for you cuz you're a fan) what's the point? It's mostly done for 'collecting' purposes now, not as a memento of your favorite stars.


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