Monday, November 10, 2008

Well It's 1969, Okay?

With the new James Bond opening soon, I realize that the Sixties was really all about James Bond and The Beatles. Bond came first, made the British cool, and then along came the fabs.

I think it all really started in 1962 with Dr. No.

18 months later the Beatles were the #1 act in the music biz.

Bond changed movies and television. Not only by giving us fantastic, sexy and modern adventures, in color yet, but by allowing the Brits to infiltrate the American scene. B-actors like David McCallum, Noel Harrison and Judy Carne were suddenly all over the TV. There were even British shows. 'The Avengers', 'Doctor in the House', 'The Prisoner' and 'Monty Python' (yeah, I know Python started in 1970 but I'm including it anyway).

And the great American directors Richard Lester and Stanley Kubrick split for England in the 60's and their films became more British than British ones.

The Beatles spawned the 'British Invasion' of the mid-60's and the Brits have continued to be a main part of the music scene until this day. Before the Beatles, British singers were non-existent in the States.

Then came 1969. Sean Connery had grown tired of being Bond and the Beatles were tired of being Beatles. The last, and some consider the best Bond movie, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, came out around Christmas. Great script and co-stars. Even the new Bond, George Lazenby seemed okay. But he was no Sean Connery. And he was the magic ingredient.

A few months earlier, The Beatles released their last, and again, some consider their best album, Abbey Road. Great songs, great production, but it could be argued that it was little too slick. After all, where could they go from there? Before Abbey Road they'd gone through a number of phases; simple pop combo (Mersey Beat era), great band and writers adding folky sounds, horns and strings (Rubber Soul/Revolver), the psychedelic sounds of sitars and backwards effects (Pepper/MMT), then with the 'White Album' and Let it be, back to a more stark and basic sound. Abbey Road took the best of all those sounds, packaged it in a slick, tidy package and made an album accessible to just about everybody.

And like there was no turning back after On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Connery returned but his heart wasn't in it and the script was dull), Abbey Road was perhaps the best of what the Beatles could offer at that point. What could they do next? Abbey Road 2?

So that's it. 1962 was the beginning of the Sixties (i.e., Bond and The Beatles), and 1969 was the finale. Okay?


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abbey road 2 would be very nice thank you.


can you put 'mother' on a Beatle CD?


'ive seen religion from jesus to paul?"


BIg Problem.

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