Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Where's Capitol Albums Vol. 3?

With Labor Day approaching, Christmas can't be far off. Apple usually releases some kind of Beatles' product for the holidays, and I find it hard to believe the big item this year is the Beatles' Monopoly game (although it looks kind of cool, and I want it!).

Last year was the long awaited Help! DVD, which was pretty damn good, especially if you got the 'deluxe' version (with a shooting script and lobby cards).

Capitol Albums Vol. 1 came out Christmas 2004, Vol. 2 in April of 2006. So Vol. 3 is due. Did the mixing debacle of Vol. 2 make Apple gun-shy? I heard rumors regarding that. i.e., that there's some kind of rift between Apple and Capitol over the whole mess. I still don't have the proper version (the only time I've seen the correct mix is at the Beatles' store at the Mirage in Las Vegas. And like everything else in the store, it was too pricey for this boy).

In the meantime, I'm dying for the mono versions of Revolver and especially Sgt. Pepper (which is regarded as being superior to the stereo one).

So get with it Apple! Or is the only Christmas fun I have to look forward to is rolling some dice and taking my 'Silver Hammer' token to 'Abbey Road'?


Blogger Sjef said...

Aren't you forgetting something? The ARE no more "Capitol Albums"! Starting with "Sgt Pepper" Capitol releases were identical to the original releases (apart from the hodge podge "Hey Jude" that included tracks from 1964 to 1969). No more singles, different mixes or stereo versions to fill albums with. An exception is "Magical Mystery Tour", but by now that has been accepted as being a "real" Beatles album. So there will NEVER be a "Capitol Albums Vol. 3".......

6:12 AM  
Blogger reverendflash said...

Boy, Sjef, do YOU need some educatin'!
There's 'The Beatles Story', there's 'A Hard Day's Night' (originally on United Artists, later rereleased on Capitol), there's the rare 'East Coast' release of 'Rubber Soul' with the extra reverb, there's 'Yesterday And Today', there's the unreleased 'Get Back', there's your hodge-podgey 'Beatles Again (Hey Jude)', there's the Christmas compilation, there's 'Rock 'n' Roll Music' (featuring some unique remixes), there's 'Live At The Hollywood Bowl', there's 'Love Songs' (more unique remixes), there's 'Rarities', there's 'Reel Music' (remixes again), there's '20 Greatest Hits' (with the short version of 'Hey Jude'), and there's the aborted 'Sessions' LP. That's enough for at least Volumes 3, 4, AND 5. Now, if we were to start including non-Capitol vinyl releases of Star Club tapes, Decca auditions, Tony Sheridan sessions, Beatles interviews, and hard-to-find early solo Beatles albums...WOW-EE!

2:16 PM  
Blogger Gus said...

I think there may be an additional reason that Vol. 3 is on hiatus. I think that the major reason I would like to have Vol. 3 and I think this would be a big selling point if it did included the original cover for Yesterday and Today (The Butcher Cover). Paul may be against the release of this cover since he is now a vegetarian and very strong supporter of animal rights. He may think having this cover out could be a conflict to his personal beliefs. I think a Vol. 3 would be a nice final box set for this collection. I would like to see both versions of Yesterday & Today, the Butcher cover and the traditional cover, then the U.S. version of Revolver, and finally, Beatles Again (Hey Jude). This would release all the Capitol American albums that came out while the Beatles were still together. I think there are a significant number of fans who would be tempted if it could include the Butcher cover and the Hey Jude album since many Americans viewed Hey Jude as an actual album. What would also be nice since you would really only have three albums in the box would be some kind of mini documentary, like they did on the UK releases in 2009. This documentary could explain why the American catalog was different, why the group didn’t like it, and why the Butcher cover was a protest against these chopped up babies. Maybe if the profits from the album went to animal rights groups Paul might justify the release?

11:20 PM  

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