Sunday, June 29, 2008

Paul's Got Soul

The other Beatles' didn't have it. Paul was the only one who could do the 'black thing'. Musically, vocally, writing...he had it down.

While it's hip to put him down as a square, he brought soul to the Beatles' sound and continued to do so on his solo works.

Just listen to 'Lady Madonna', 'Hey Jude', 'She's a Woman', 'I Got a Feeling', 'Oh Darlin', 'Let it Be'...the list could go on.

He also took the bass guitar role after Stu left, because no one else would. Bass is an instrument often associated with black players, and Paul himself looked to the Motown master, James Jamerson as the best. Paul's playing can be melodic and funky, just like Jamerson. Ironically, one of his greatest bass lines is on 'Silly Love Songs', a tune pretty much dismissed by critics and fan alike. But listen to the bass line. It's killer.

And if you need more proof, listen to his rap at the end of 'Rock Show' on Venus and Mars: 'Remember last week when i promised I'd buy a good seat at the rock show, well I BOUGHT IT. Now get your dress on! Place your wig on straight, don't be late, c'mon we got a date.'

Can you picture Lennon (let alone Ringo or George) trying a funky rap like that? No way.


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