Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Listening

For the first decade or so of his solo career, Paul McCartney's albums usually came out in the spring or summer. Because of that, I've always considered summer as 'Paul Time', and have been listening to a lot of him lately, mostly in the car.

I skip Back To The Egg because the CD includes (as bonus tracks) "Wonderful Christmas Time" and "Rudolph the Red Rosed Reggae". It's since gone into the 'after Thanksgiving' rotation schedule.

Here's my fav 'summer Beatles/Paul' list in order of 'best car driving music'. If you're taking a road trip, grab a few of these and enjoy:

Band on the Run
Wings Over America
Sgt. Pepper
Venus and Mars
Flowers in the Dirt
Wild Life
Red Rose Speedway
Wings Greatest

...and some Beach Boys doesn't hurt either. Currently, I've got the compilation Sounds of Summer and 20/20 as co-pilots. Great summer fare.


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