Monday, March 24, 2008

So Long, Neil

Cancer has claimed the true "Fifth Beatle", Neil Aspinall.

You can read all about him to your heart's content all over the internet. My own thoughts are those of a guy who was there from the beginning, who was always loyal and as Apple's main-man, made sure that all the new products they released were up to snuff.

Making up a list of The Beatles, their wives/girlfriends and the others in the "true" inner circle, I'm stuck by the high body count. We've lost half of them: Stu, Brian, Mal, John, George, Maureen, Linda, and now Neil. All gone and all too young.

Let's hope that Paul, Ringo, Pete, Cynthia, Yoko, Jane, Patti, Olivia and George Martin will all live to be about 100.


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