Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Heather Mills and my Two-Cents

We all knew, even before he married her, that Heather Mills was bad news. Why our Paul didn't know is for him and his biographers to figure out.

To me, it's another interesting chapter in the Dickensian saga of The Beatles. She's another character in the most interesting story in the history of show biz. A villain, yes, but even the villains in this tale are fascinating.

What bugs me personally about the whole Heather story, is that when he pays her off, at least two-cents or so of that money WAS MINE! I hesitate to guess how much money I've put in Paul's pocket. I've bought every Beatles and solo album (some in all formats), and gone to a couple of his concerts. It's gotta be a few bob at least, eh? And that means she's getting a couple of hard earned pennies directly from me! Damn her.


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