Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beatles and Oscar

With the new Oscars around the corner, I'm reminded of the Beatles' Oscar history.

They won one in 1970 for "Best Original Score" for Let it be. The award actually went to all four of the Lads (I guess Ringo snuck in cuz they play a bit "Octopus's Garden" and "Dig It" is credited to the entire band).

I seem to recall hearing something about the location of the actual trophy...I wonder who has it? Now THAT would be a super collector's item.

A Hard Day's Night got two nominations. One for best original screenplay, but lost to Father Goose (!?). And George Martin was nominated for Best Score. Lost to My Fair Lady. I guess that's "fair".

Our Paul has been nominated twice for Best Song. In '73 (along with the lovely Linda) for "Live and Let Die". Lost to "The Way We Were" (tough competition there). Oh, and regarding Linda. To the naysayers, she did write the middle reggae bit ("What does it matter to ya, When ya got a job to do"). So it's a legit credit.

"Vanilla Sky" was nominated in 2002, and lost to "If I Didn't Have You", another of the endless Randy Newman/Pixar numbers. I guess he was due. He'd been nominated about 12 times and never won one. Newman should've won in 2000 for "When She Loved Me", a truly wonderful song that lost to some forgettable Phil Collins piece of crap from Tarzan.


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